Saturday, December 11, 2010


(The Sexy with strawberry topping)

One of our premium product, made by Ordinary Kitchen

Cottony, light, soft, tender, creamy, melt in the mouth sensasion with lemony taste of cheese.

Topped with fresh strawberry and homemade strawberry glaze with real strawberry and pure granulated sugar. Whipped cream for border.

Take a look at the 'body' of the cheesecake... So smooth... The red colour of the topping. Very sexy, very passionate!

U can choose another topping as desire, such as mixed fruit, orange, kiwi, etc.

Call me for order... ^_^

*For local only or just pick it up here at our kitchen.
** Please do make the order minimum a week before, due to the main ingredient (cream cheese) is not always ready at the store.

Thank you... ^_^

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